Monday, April 27, 2015

George L Horn - 1825-1903 - Harrowgate - Philadelphia - Licensed Methodist Preacher - Religious Bio Sketch

Former East Allegheny Avenue Methodist Church - Harrowgate Philadelphia
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George L. Horn, a licensed Methodist preacher in his youth and one of the founders and trustees of the the former East Allegheny Methodist Church, 2023 E. Allegheny Avenue, Harrowgate, Philadelphia.  

The Christian Advocate - 6 August 1903


Friday, April 24, 2015

Mixed Race Cuban Senator Ted Cruz Slithers Out of Lynch Confirmation Vote to Run Back to Texas for Fundraiser

The self-hating Hispanic Cuban-Canadian Senator Cruz-Darragh from Texas had a commitment and avoided a yes or no vote on the first Black Female American Attorney General. 

Running to the VIP reception at 6 PM for the pure white Dallas folks before rubbing elbows with the less than rich and less than John Birch white crowd at the 6:30 PM general audience reception at the mansion of Tom Hicks Sr in Dallas.


Hillary Still Standing After All These Years