Friday, June 24, 2016

Winston Churchill's Ghost on Brexit.

On Brexit:

We saved Britain from the Nazis only to lose Her 71 years later to a bunch of Neo-Nazis, inbred from Eton.  The greatest enemy is always from within. 


More Upheavals and Realignments - 2016 - Humanity's Declinging Fate?

The graphic is from my January 1, 2016 blog page not predicting but feeling the upcoming upheavals and realignments of 2016 and beyond.


The elites in Britain have used fear and xenophobia to convince the mob to act against their own best interests. This goes back to Margaret Thatcher destroying the British working class (jobs) heartland to make the greedy bankers in London even richer. One good thing is that once Scotland gets independence soon, Northern Ireland in desperation will ask to join the Irish Republic in the south. The royal family if it survives the guillotine (LOL) will be driving themselves around in Volvos and Buckingham Palace might one day become a world class museum to rival the Louvre.

You've got to try and look for the silver linings in global revolutions? Better than crying for humanity's declining fate.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

GOP slithers out of town DC. Meeting up at Susan & Wayne LaPierre's 4th of July NRA Barbeque

GOP slithers out of town DC. Meeting up at Susan & Wayne LaPierre's 4th of July Barbeque. Fresh shot meat, stuffed envelopes provided by NRA.

Paul Ryan is the purrfect NRA Lap Dog. 


Friday, June 17, 2016

Day of Rage in Tucson Arizona 2011 - Revisited

(February 7, 2011)

I lived and worked in Tucson Arizona for close to eight years back in the 1990s. I worked for a short time, 100 yards down the road from the recent mass murders there that involved the shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords of the U.S. Congress.

As stated I worked down the road from the Safeway and its parking lot, the scene of this recent American-style tragedy. I even ate lunch a few times in a food court setting in the front of the supermarket way back when. 

I researched this matter of the shootings that took the life of a nine year old girl among others. The date is January 8, 2011. Seems like two months ago instead of one month to me. Time seems to be compressed sometimes concerning memory. 

I had written an account of the attack on Rep. Giffords Tucson office at the end of the debate and vote on Health Care Reform last year. The attack in the middle of the night and broken glass brought to mind the terrible tragedy of Kristallnacht in Nazi controlled Germany in November 1938 against Jews in the population. I made reference to that event because Ms. Giffords is Jewish.

The apparently troubled young man who did the shootings and these murders seems to have bought into a uniquely American style of settling arguments or supplementing mental disorders with guns. 

Because I had been in this place in Tucson and knew its layout I did not write anything or comment until now. I felt the tragedy in a personal sense having a shared experience of the geography with the victims. I should also note that it took me five years to finally write down my experiences of the 911 tragedy here in NYC. 

I also wanted to turn a corner in this blog whereby I did not want to poll parrot the party line coming out of the media. The media turns on cable and cable turns on the middle class who can afford it. The media rightly or wrongly from left or from right seems to feed on the energy of rage both in content and filler. I need to and we all need to as well step back from the edge of that rage that permeates our complex modern society. 

Rage is not only a middle class thing but perhaps a middle aged thing. It comes from the disappointment from expectations not fulfilled. It comes from recognizing the disappointment from the perspective of age and or wisdom from life experience. 

I do not want to merely echo the media and its sounds of fury. 

Now a month later I can look and see how death by random acts of violence is fed by rage and guns. 

I do not object to hunters having rifles in their homes with or without permits. I do object to weapons of war with high capacity discharge being sold in America. They are not necessary in a civilized society. 

I think that licensing handguns within the confines of city limits is the right of the well being of the population of that densely populated city to assure protection from violence and violent mental illness spilling into the streets and onto the parking lots of America. 

I am not advocating repeal of the second amendment’s right to bear arms. I am trying to find common grounds with all parties to seek a solution to too much gun power in America and to too many guns. 

The days of the wilderness are long gone. The days of conflict with the native Indian population are long gone. In the twenty first century, a fetish for guns and gun power is a bit outdated and obsessive. It speaks of the breakdown of community and loss of civility in our society. 

The gun lobby and the media lobby both seem to be catering to keeping the rage up to sell their products. Whatever. 

I am glad that Representative Giffords survived and may well have a normal life returned to her after much therapy. 

Prayers for the victims and their families in Tucson. Prayers for the perpetrators, both the lobbyists of hate and rage, as well as for the disturbed young man who committed this crime.


NRA Whores Like Like Satan On Steroids - John McCain

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose your immortal soul to Wayne LaPierre and the NRA - John McCain?


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Weeping Lady of the Graveyard - Starr Cemetery - Knox PA

A  Country Graveyard - Pennsylvania

Copy of e-mail to a friend:

----: Just an FYI – no need to reply

Found an image of my uncle by marriage to my mother’s only sister - his gravesite – NW of Knox Pa – near the state teachers college in Clarion off of I-80. I guess my aunt is buried closer to home where she was in elderly housing in Shamokin as of a few years ago -  where my first cousin still lives with his second wife – have not spoken to cousin for years btw – that except for one letter from me to him after my aunt died. 

Uncle ---- died of lung cancer and was cremated.  Since the Government was picking up much of the tab including the burial marker because he was a Vet, my aunt buried his urn in a local cemetery, the Starr Cemetery, a secular graveyard with a few hundred graves.  The oldest stone is from the thirties, Michael and Martha Starr.

I relate all this to you because of your interest in Genealogy and grave yards etc. I visited this cemetery on a cold winter’s day in maybe Jan. or Feb. 1983, along with, alone with my cousin’s first wife; my cousin was in the hospital with an Asthma attack that weekend (marital stress?). I drove from New York to pay my respects to my aunt etc. that one weekend I could get away from my job.  Cold as the Artic and windy-yy.

I looked on the Google aerial map and I think they have since cut down part of the forest that then surrounded this very small cemetery.  It was the strangest place I ever visited to date. The forest, the gloom, cloudy, sunny, cloudy sunny etc. place. A view for dozens of miles in some directions with breaks in the tree line. A high place. It felt like I was on top of a mountain.  I paid my respects and we were leaving to go back to the car.

It was then that I heard it. I turned and the sound disappeared. Must have been the wind. I turned my head again and heard it again and louder. It was not the wind. As I turned, the sound disappeared. What I heard was the sound of a woman, the sound close to the ground, the sound of a woman weeping and it had a muffled quality as if coming from the other side of a door. I asked my cousin’s wife if she heard it. I described it to her. She did not hear it; had not heard it. Haunted?


Palin-Clone Gov. Mary Fallin Oklahoma is the Perfect VP for a Trump GOP Ticket. Visits NYC and Shares Big Mac and Fries with DT

Palin-Clone Gov. Mary Fallin Oklahoma is the Perfect VP for a Trump  GOP Ticket. Visits and Shares Big Mac and Fries with DT. 

Has anyone noticed how bloated and or fat The Donald looks lately and the hair I think needs a major reconnect / extension attach etc. (wink, nod)?

Fallin said the conversation during the 45-minute gathering (w/Trump) covered a range of topics.

“We discussed several issues, such as jobs and the economy, and what we as governors have done to improve the business climates in our states,” she said. “Also, in the aftermath of a horrific attack upon our fellow Americans in Orlando, we discussed the importance of strengthening national security and building a stronger national defense.
“We shared a common concern for the need for more thorough background checks on refugees to verify their identities before they are allowed to enter the United States.”


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

“Radical Trumpism” is the greatest threat to world peace

“Radical Trumpism” is the greatest threat to world peace since the rise of the Axis Powers of WWII.

Since a PR label talking point on Cable TV is the way to go in modern hip politics. I think that “Radical Trumpism” is also the greatest threat to American Freedom since fat King George III wanted our taxes to remodel his loo in Windsor Castle.

“Radical Trumpism” can be defined as unckecked, no fact-checking, unchallenged unstable erratic businessman’s opinions given freely and free from fee when shown on Cable TV News.

You get what you pay for. Nothing.