Saturday, December 2, 2017

Shit Happens and History Too - Tax Theft Bill - GOP

One of my roommates up at Columbia was French with a "de" in front of his last name indicating some sort of aristocratic title. That he once told me in his family archives that there were blank page after blank page of family history for dozens of aristocratic ancestors that literally disappeared in the French Revolution.

_ If Trump and the GOP want to eviscerate the Middle Class with this new TAX STEAL bill, so be it. Shit happens and so does history like to my French roommate's family in 1789.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hillary Rodham Clinton - America's Jeanne d'Arc - #JoanOfArc

Thursday, November 9, 2017

My Comment on HBO's The Deuce - Rejected by Rolling Stone

Too long?

My age demographic opinion not needed? (God knows they know everything about me out there in computer land.)

My POV does not agree with the author's limited vision of reality ?

Overall, there is as artificial "cinema grit" to this show which seems more "real" than the norm in film. By no means a reality show. Most movies make NYC look better than it is in reality. This series does not do this. The sets and landscape seems real and grimy enough for 70's New York as I remember it as a younger man. The only thing missing is the smell of the streets. That and constantly looking over your shoulder to avoid getting mugged anywhere in NYC, not just 42nd Street west of Times Square.
More so than a human slice of life, this show teaches history as a business model where porn and the paradigm of the times, morals, technology, mob financing and urban R/E all come together into a unique American dynamism.
On the human level I don't see what I feel is the exploitation of female sex workers. I can see that those trapped in this world are affected by it. It is depressing and is it hard to identify with any characters let alone want to see a second season with these regular characters becoming soap characters not in The Deuce II but The Deuce Deux?
I know that splitting James Franco into twins is strictly a "James Franco". It adds little to the story line or depth to the stage experience.
Eileen's guilt visit to her brother Patrick recalls an America that still had public mental hospitals full of confused and undirected lives before those poor bastards and their institutions got outsourced out of the public budget, got dumped onto the streets into homelessness and or welfare and medicated by the new rising Pharma godhead.
I did not know that they used electric shock on homosexuality. I thought it only used on depression. But I guess if you are Gay and alienated from society you needed electric shock because you "are depressed" among a dozen other unknown things to the witch doctors and shamans of modern mid 20th century medicine and psychology. This scene was touching and real - sad - insightful and real. Gyllenthaal carries the scene and shares it beautifully with actor Dennis Flanagan.
I know I am prejudice to only see the reality of this drama experience through a middle class American white experience in seeing Gyllenthaal and Franco's parts as the main portal to the show.
The first season is great work of modern art that will be more admired in time. A second season I will skip. I am more than satisfied with the "first season's" overall writing, directing and performing in this diamond in the rough.


I have never written an opinion for Rolling Stone before. I can only presume that "pending" is metaphoric "fuck off" - reject - don't bother us kind of thing. Virtual publisher reject letter 21st century style?

I did not think there was enough stuffing in this very thin mattress of cable TV cinematic fluff worth writing long enough a commentary essay like I did on Amazon with that incredibly disappointing HBO thingy "The Young Pope". So I commented on the season "finale" episode.

Perhaps I should have used a handle like Anonymous2435 to make a comment and have it displayed for further comments. That my reputation for commenting on the HBO soapmatic garbage have obviously preceded me.



Thursday, November 2, 2017

All Saints - All Souls - Celtic New Year 158 A.D. (After Darwin)

I never quite got it from the five minute Gospel Sunday soundbites from the Catholicism of my youth.

If you wanted to understand Sacred Tradition, you could only hope for the correct religious dogmatic gossip of the nuns in grade school. Of course these days where do a lot of young Catholics get that Tradition gossip with so few women wanting to give up life in order to join Jesus' Harem.

All Saints Day, Novermber 1, was a holy day of obligation to attend mass and pass the cash into the collection basket.

In olden times, before the bisexual Emperor-God "Saint" General Constantine, November 1 was the traditional Celtic New Year. But who needs a Celtic New Year if Caesar and Rome's genocide of all things Celtic makes the point moot?

There is that nun's gossip about All Saint's Day and or the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico on November 1 and 2.  November 2 is All Soul's Day. Nun's gossip is that November 1 is for all the saints that have gone to their eternal reward with official kudos and November 2 is for all the rest of us slugs who only manage by the thinnest margin are worthy of Jesus' salvation.

In Mexico, using ancient pre-Christian tradition, November 1 is the Day of the Dead for all infants, and children and innocents that die young, never get contaminated with that puberty/sex stuff that confuses the hell out of the eunich mentality of the priests that run the Pagan church of Rome.

Day of the dead is for all the dead, both young and innocent, and the old and not yet forgotten.

In Mexico on the day of the Dead (All Souls Day in Catholic-ese) the family cleans the ancestors grave site and the family brings food for the dead and the living also take part in a picnic like atmosphere of remembrance of the dead - not ancestor worship?

It was on this date 40 years ago I believe I encountered the spirit of my father six months after his death etc. in the house where he died. Another story.

And it as Celtic New Year is according to my secular reckoning and new age "Tradition" the year 158 A.D. (After Darwin).

Happy Celtic New Year!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Image of the lost Saint Tammany Weathervane - Philadelphia 1812-1930?

Image of the lost Saint Tammany Weathervane - 9' x 9-1/2' - on top of 100' Liberty Pole aka Indian Pole for over 100 years - Old York Road and Wood Street - 1844 Advertisement

Free Library Phila.Collection - circa 1900

Intersection left Old York Road, right Fourth Street at Wood Street, showing base of "Indian Pole". 

Notice the two public drinking fountains, one for horses and one for humans. 


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Do U S Soldiers Killed in Africa Deserve Respect from their Commander in Chief?

Do U S Soldiers Killed in Africa Deserve Respect from their Commander in Chief?

Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black

Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson

Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright

Sgt. La David Johnson


Monday, October 9, 2017

Paul Robeson - 1898/1976 - Jersualem - American Political Prisoner - America's First #TakeAKnee

Paul Robeson - 1898/1976 - American Political Prisoner - America's First #TakeAKnee

Passport Revoked 1956-1958 by U.S. Government preventing an American Citizen to travel abroad.


Sunday, October 8, 2017

Jason Aldean - Fly Over States.

Fly Over States

A couple guys in first class on a flight
From new York to Los Angeles,
Kinda making small talk killing time,
Flirting with the flight attendants,
Thirty thousand feet above, could be Oklahoma,
Just a bunch of square cornfields and wheat farms,
Man it all looks the same,
Miles and miles of back roads and highways,
Connecting little towns with funny names,
Who'd want to live down there in the middle of nowhere,
They've never drove through Indiana,
Met the men who plowed that earth,
Planted that seed, busted his ass for you and me,
Or caught a harvest moon in Kansas,
They'd understand why God made those fly over states,
I bet that mile long Santa Fe freight train engineer's seen it all
Just like that flatbed cowboy stacking US steel on a 3-day haul
Roads and rails under their feet
Yeah that sounds like a first class seat
On the plains of Oklahoma
Where they windshield sunset in your eyes
Like a watercolor painted sky
You'd think heaven's doors have opened
You'll understand why God made
Those fly over states
Take a ride across the badlands
Feel that freedom on your face
Breathe in all that open space
Meet a girl from Amarillo
You'll understand why God made
Why you'd want to plant your stakes
In those fly over states
Have you ever been through Indiana
On the plains of Oklahoma,
Take a ride,
For non-commercial use only.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Trump's Final Solution for Puerto Rico Underway.

American jobs are at stake in shipping and profits in the front offices of American corporations are at stake.

No rush. Wall Street hedge funds are betting on the final outcome or final solution to aid profits on the mainland.

Donald Trump does not break a sweat over an island with "broken" infrastructure before the storm as in the electrical grid before Hurricane Maria. No doubt humanitarian crisis is a fake news term by Puerto Rican trollbots wanting more than their fair share of aid in this so-called crisis.

Trump will personally visit this storm area on Tuesday and assess how much aid might be granted to the bankrupt state of Puerto Rico.

Better planning would have been better than all this wailing in the media suddenly.

If Puerto Rico was some sort of special island, then why no Trump world class golf resorts there?



Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Spanish Speaking Tsunami About to Arrive in America from Hurricane Apocalypse

There is gonna be at least a half million Puerto Ricans escaping Hurricane apocalypse to the mainland in the months to come, and coming here and are native born American citizens who do not carry I.D. because they are citizens. Watch the mangoes hit the fan with racial profiling and cop deaths, broken tail lights etc, in the next few months among the paranoid old white man establishment that don't like non-white as a skin color or Spanish as a native North American language.

But the PRs are not Mexicans. They have fought in 2 world wars, korea, vietnam etc. are veterans and have college degrees.

There is a Spanish part of America that gets constantly refused statehood. These regular votes on statehood are rigged like brexit etc. 

PR does not want statehood because they don't feel welcome in America and they know it. 

That corner of America is about to spill over into the present toxic atmosphere of fear and hate of the racist leading his neo=nazi cult from the white house.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

We kneel at last, kneel at last, in awe of the great work ahead of the creation called man.

In a great secular like burst of almost spirituality, not unlike the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s Gog and MaGog - Trump and his legions - debate the right of people to express their freedom of speech on one knee in a crowded sports stadium. - in protest of the murder of unarmed black people in our once fair republic.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D) Texas got on her knees in the House today to proclaim her allegiance to the first amendment and free speech and an appeal to a higher power, of justice, for all people of this once great land. A great secular moment today.

Here a perhaps secular hymn for the moment at hand.


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Passmore Williamson - Abolitionist Philadelphia Lawyer - 1822 / 1895

Source :  Chester County (Pa.) Historical Society - (Public Domain Image) 

Passmore Williamson, a defrocked Quaker, his views on abolition too radical for his home congregation, photo in jail at Philadelphia County Jail, Moyamensing Prison on contempt charges for his refusal to cooperate with the court in the case of Freed Slave and her two young sons, Jane Johnson, who was free when she set foot on Pennsylvania soil, 1855 

Williamson argued in court that Jane Johnson was not a fugitive slave under provisions of the Fugitive Slave Act 1850 in that her master was transporting himself and his chattel to New York to catch a ship to his new ambassador's post in Guatemala. 

Williamson defended Johnson in court and would not, could not reveal whereabouts of Jane Johnson landed him in jail for 100 days in contempt of court. 

Passmore Williamson

Sunday, September 3, 2017

My Latest on Kindle -Tales of Tucson Arizona

My long lasting memory of Tucson Arizona was one cold day in November around 1991, the day after Thanksgiving and walking along Stone Street to my job in a nearby office building, Stone being the old main street of the downtown area. Out of a deserted cityscape at 8 AM in the morning I saw a tumble weed something like six feet in diameter blowing along the street. 

Many people were not working that day. I, a city boy from back east, had to wonder if this was a normal occurrence and then had to wonder where it came from. Likely source was along the Santa Fe Railroad tracks about two blocks from where I was standing. Over time, I would come to realize how a once small cow town like Tucson kept it's cows and cowboy past a bit here and there as Malls replaced a downtown already with many storefronts boarded up from its glory says as an economic hub of the region of border area near Mexico. 

Along this theme some few years later I ran into a piece of Tucson current history. In a thrift store I came across a four inch by eight inch silver plated tray with ink invitation to the official grand opening of the United Bank building downtown. This from the grossly obscene days of the boom before the bust of the Savings and Loan fiasco that nobody learned from mainly because of the cover up by the Keating Five in the Senate covering their paws and tracks in that criminal enterprise. That scandal being a small scale training package of the bigger R/E mortgage scandal that went bust nationally in 2008. 

That the United Bank Tower still stands having have many banks and owners since then. Next to it is a large boarded up eyesore that looks like it should be hiding a would be fountain of a plaza next to the building which is in fact the boarded up foundation of a Twin Tower to the United Bank Tower that never got built. 

That the whole economy of Tucson, Phoenix and Arizona in general is a boom and a bust economy that over time has seen mining come and go and modern businesses as well. 

Friday June 13, 2008

...Which leads me to the story of my next door neighbor in Arizona. Perry had a remarkable life. Left home and dairy farm in Minnesota when he was fifteen in the middle of the depression and headed west. He wanted to be a cowboy and that he became for some years. Then when World War II broke out he went up to Canada and joined the fight. He hit Juno beach on D-Day as a lieutenant in the Canadian army. He married a Brit, brought his war bride home and settled into life in Arizona B.A.C. (before air conditioning).

Perry joined the post office and then worked his way up to postmaster before retirement. I got to talk to him over the fence as a neighbor. Good stories. Went into his house a few times and vice versa. All in all, he was a great neighbor.

Then one day his wife came to us to tell us that Perry had skin cancer, that they did some necessary surgery but that the disease may have spread. I am not sure how all this got started. Perhaps my neighbor’s wife was talking to my wife and then the topic came up about me being an elder in a local church. Apparently Perry had no religious ties. I would have assumed that he might have attended church in his youth in Minnesota. His wife asked if I would talk to him.

I went over to the man in his house and tried to give comfort. I don’t think he wanted me there. Perhaps he was in denial of his own mortality. No doubt he sensed how green I was in giving comfort. I admit it. I couldn’t do him any good. Between his resistance and my inexperience, I did not serve his needs very well sad to say. Perry died suddenly about two weeks later while working in the garden. We went to give comfort to the wife next door that night and then we attended a graveside service a few days later.

This is where I get some reality checks put into my little bubble world of beliefs. I met Episcopal nuns at the graveside. I never knew such an animal existed. They had educated Perry’s children. There were lots of neighbors, relatives and co-workers from the post office. The most interesting person I met was a female Rabbi. Perry was Jewish?

I was a bit taken aback. I had heard the story about how Perry and his war bride had built the second house in this desert housing community in 1948. When I closed on the house next door, I got my deed of title or whatever and included in the paperwork was a covenant of restrictions set on the property when it was built.

That covenant was of course stamped with a label “Null and Void under Federal Civil Rights Act of...” The nasty thing about that covenant was the few pages that made it quite clear in a long range of specifics that no ...”Jews, negroes or dogs...” were allowed in this housing development etc.

As it turned out, Perry had no religious affiliation. His wife was Jewish. I chuckled about how a man like Perry, this cowboy, this war hero, this postmaster must have laughed at the WASP covenant of restrictions. Here was a real individual. Here was an old fashioned American. Here was a man.

Perry had made arrangements with the rabbi to be buried in solidarity with his wife’s belief system. Was Perry a believer, an atheist, an agnostic? I don’t know. In retrospect I don’t care. I knew the man. He was good ethical man. I prayed for him.

Part of being a cultural Christian is that you can embrace people of other beliefs, respect them and still retain you basic feel for yourself and not compromise your basic faith.

America’s greatest strength is and has always been its diversity.

Amidst this eclectic graveside audience, I had an epiphany. I also think that that paradigm shift thing happened.

It was fascinating to hear the twenty third psalm read in Hebrew. I am not certain that the Kaddish was said there but I realized something about my own belief systems. Christianity is wrapped up in a lot of layers of traditions, sacred tradition, faith, grace, propaganda, love, hate and on an on.

There under a blistering Arizona sun, prayers for a Jew were said in the desert. Were these the similar prayers that Joseph of Aramathea read over Jesus’ broken and lifeless body on Good Friday at twilight, eve of Sabbath?

You could be surrounded with stone cathedrals, and stained glass and the gospels could be read from a Gutenberg bible and the minister could be wrapped in gold cloth. But could you get any more from prayers at the end of your life than my neighbor got that day or when Jesus was interred and they rolled the stone in front of the tomb?

It makes you think. It made me think.


Tales of Tucson Arizona 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Of Statues to Fascism and Ivy League Spy Recruitment in the Cold War

Several things bother me lately. Suddenly more so than lately as well.

ONE is that the corporations and the MSM who gave Trump a free ride to the White House got what they paid for or what they thought was a deadbeat business man who would dance to the American corporate tune.

Problem with that is that Trump is already dancing that Russian dance. The MSN here and there have covered the real #LittleFinger Donald Deadbeat Trump over the decades. But his forays into not only Russia but the Soviet Union as early as some say 1987 seems rather peculiar to me. That Trump is looking for capital in the U.S.S.R. for R/E development sounds a bit unkosher to the ring of it in a traditional way.

Perhaps Soviet Generals and Commissars or KGB operatives needed money laundering in a big way and or the various ethnic mobs operating in the Soviet Union operated not in the open but were tolerated with the right amount of bribe money here and there in the many Soviet Bureaucracies.

My thought looking at it is - when exactly did the KGB recruit Donald Trump and his companies to do their bidding. 1987 or maybe even as early as 1967 in his days at Wharton @Penn.

A Penn recruitment center for spies in the middle of the Vietnam War in the Archetypal center of Capitalist business thought at Wharton (bow your heads). The KGB was never that smart but methodical, good on the long term leg work to get a bad product sold door to door.

Of course that triggers a thought to us of the big Soviet spy thing among the upper crust Brits in the Cold War at its beginning and the secrets of atomic weaponry etc.

TWO is that the media say that Donald transferred from Fordham in NYC to Penn in Philly to take the only R/E course degree available in the I-V and or Ivy League. Has anybody in the corporate media ever checked out that little gem?  And like most lies with a cherry on top, young Donald both attended classes and ran mom's company from Philly or commuting everyday by limousine?

And the Donald's deferments. Were the doctors signing off on his flat feet with little toes Philly and or NYC docs. Did they have legit Doctor's licenses. Did they do favors for frat brothers at Penn where maybe once upon a time they attended school etc. Were they Russian doctors? I remember the MSM being overwhelmed by Trump's present doc wearing Crocs on his feet and telling us that the sky is blue and the Croc Doc certifies the health of a man running for one of the toughest management jobs on the planet.

THREE that I used to live in Philly, grew up there and had to leave because it was a hate filled backwater of ignorance and quite frankly a corrupt fascist state of mind kind of place for little people like me that thought that democracy should be a little bit more liberal with dispensement of Justice to all peoples of that city.

That about the same time that Donald drifted down to Philly and the University of Pennsylvania in 1967, a fascist pig named Frank Rizzo became police chief in prelude to his run for mayor in 1971 and his changing party to Republican in a Democratic enclave in order to vie for the position of VP on the 1972 Nixon ticket. Agnew stayed on the ticket and later was sideswiped from the POTUS job because of his uncovered corruption as Governor of Maryland. How convenient and with what timing.

That and Frank Rizzo was both a racist and gay basher. That he kept records on everybody's bad habits for blackmail and or bribes perhaps and his meteoric rise to power. He kept meticulous records like J. Edgar Hoover at the FBI. And like the rumors that abound around a big homophobe like Hoover and Rizzo, the Philly police have to spend a lot of cop overtime protecting the monument to Rizzo across the street from the second empire style City Hall. Protect the statue from spray paint, eggs, and the occasional dressing up with bra panties and or dress just like J. Edgar. Wink Nod. Even talk of sending it south to South Philadelphia, an Italian enclave left in a very diverse city.

That Rizzo ran a police state as police chief and mayor that any Soviet mayor would envy and operated the kind of place where dirty little secrets could be sold to Soviet spy handlers at Penn with a lot of cold hard cash.

That the media ignore Sheriff Joe Arpaio's police state in Maricopa Country on the nearby border with Mexico all these years and only now pay any attention to him when The Donald and or the KGB have ordered his pardon - a wall separating him from justice. And triggering the memories I have of living in that police state in Philly before moving north to the NYC area some decades ago.


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Now For Something Completely Different

Centennial of the Launching of the Big Ships U.S. Navy - August 1897 - Philly and Washington Park, Deptford NJ

A possible event connected to the famous 1897 Street Scene Photo (off of a stereograph photo card by "B.W. Kilburn and Company" - Library of Congress) above between 7th and 8th Street on Market Street and the crowds main focus looking east toward 6th Street may be a G.A.R. Grand Army of the Republic, Naval veterans posts event celebrating the launch in Spring 100 years prior, the centennial, of the original 6 ships of the first Official Navy under the U.S. Constitution and the ships built with funds authorized by Congress in 1794. Launched from six shipyards along the east coast in 1797. 

The event commemoration on August 12, 1897 was at Independence Hall starting at 12:30 PM. 

I would imagine with speeches and music the Navy Vets would have been there at least two hours. And the Vets in parade form then marching over to the Arch Street Wharf, may have used 6th Street - the reason for people in balconies at 7th Street trying to get a glimpse of the then moving event amidst the flags and bunting etc. on Market Street, the main drag through Philly. 

A typical muggy Philly August afternoon with a slight overcast of clouds to mute the shadows and direction of shade to indicate a time frame of the day. 

That and some folks wanting to take a Ferry over to Washington Park in Deptford Township NJ to get a view of yacht racing and mock naval battles off Fort Mifflin in the late afternoon into evening. 

The U.S.S. United States had already been launched in May 1797 from Humphries Shipyard in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Inquirer 13 Aug 1897


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tearing Down Monuments Does Not Change History - CSA

Wikipedia is listing something like three incarnations of the KKK. The second of which is dated 1915-1944.

It would seems that 90% of the Confederate Statues being removed in places ruled by Democratic politicians coincide in their origins with the second Klan period and its political power of pre-WWI through the war on Fascism in WWII.

I don't think it good to remove every monument in a public park because considering city and state budgets the removal of these statues will result in voided and or ugly space in the public places where they used to occupy space. 

I am against erasing history even if I don't like that history. 

People instead of reacting the this Trump supported Alt-Right, Neo-Nazi, Neo-Confederate outburst of hatred on the American landscape should be channeled into removing these monsters from public office via the voting booth.