Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Frank Furness, Architect - Frankford & Southwark Railway’s Depot – 1878 – Trolley Depot View circa 1917

1917 Photo - Philadelphia and Southwark R.R. Deport (1878)
(Public Domain)

The image of the Frankford Elevated line on Frankford Avenue below reaches a point of construction circa 1917 when the steel structure was planted. Building to right above and below is old “Dummy Depot” built for the Frankford and Southwark Railway Depot as a unifying piece of architecture 1-1/2 stories with a clock tower joining two previously built separate train sheds in 1878. 

(Photo below I would say was taken from balcony of the old "Seven Stars" Hotel at Frankford and Oxford Aves..)

Progress of Frankford El Construction - Frankford and Oxford Aves. - circa 1917
(Public Domain)

Bromley Map of Philadelphia - 1910

Depot building with clock tower attributed to Frank Furness, Philadelphia architect.

Oxford Ave Intersection with Frankford Ave and Arrott Street
(Google Map - Present Day)


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Why Not Brand the Poor on the Forehead in Kansas with a “W” for Welfare to Identify those (sub-humans) on the Dole

Punish the poor - Regressive Welfare ATM Tax on the Poor in Kansas

“Damn the poor” Jesus used to say or must have said.

Limit of $25 per day deducted from your welfare cash stipend - $20 for drugs - $1.00 fee for the Welfare Cash withdraw. Then another $2.00 to $4.00 for banking fees (Bankers outsourced Tax on the Poor) for use of robot ATMs to access handout(s) cash from the state.


Rumors have it that “rent moocher” State Senator Michael O’Donnell (R - Kansas) will co-sponsor a new “Welfare Recipient Identification Bill” - WRIB - for the poor of Kansas that Governor Sam Brownback is eagerly waiting to sign into law.

The Bill: That the poor on Welfare over 18 will be branded on the forehead to identify them as “takers” so that they can be called out by honest tax paying white people in the supermarket checkout aisle or the food court at the mall – go to the end of the line for Mickey Ds etc. you despised lazy non-working parasites on our great good Kristian (“K” for Kansas”) state. 

(Pending legislative ideas still floating around the O'Donnell churchsite homestead Kristian Think Tank are exploring possible ways to force women to give back "Adam's Rib" to the guys.